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Bus shot.

June 10, 2018.
A girl and a boy are at the top of a reactor.
They may jump into the void.
Perhaps this will be the beginning of something that will be talked about for a long time.
As an act of rebellion…
This is how Yunet wants her movie to begin.
We met six months ago.
She saw a movie I made with a mobile phone and offered me work.
She said cameras are not allowed in this place.
She told me that someone came to film with a drone, and they shot it down.

Aleksandr on the coast

Taimi walking among the rocks.
We met Aleksandr because we were looking for an actress.
He is Taimi’s boyfriend.
Taimi works in a theater group.
She has never made a movie, but she has lived here her entire life.

Aleksandr and Taimi know this place very well.
They come to camp here occasionally.
And they offered to bring us here.
This is the first time Yunet will be so close to the plant.

Taimi looking at the plant
20180317_091104. Close-up of Taimi looking at the Plant.

This was the most important industrial project of the Revolution.
It was the first of a series of nuclear power plants that would reduce the country’s oil imports.

The project began in 1982.
Inverted shot?

20180317_095201. Inverted shot of the cooling pool.

Ten years later, it was halted due to the collapse of the socialist camp.
The facilities were in an advanced stage of construction, and one of the reactors was nearly completed.

Power plant facilities.

Some time ago, Yunet found news about the possible reuse of the power plant facilities.
She discovered that some people living in Nuclear City are involved in this process, but they are forbidden to talk about it.

Towers and reactor

We want to film what is happening inside.
But Aleksandr and Taimi say it’s dangerous.
This concrete wall wasn’t here before.
These surveillance posts weren’t here either.
There’s a horse under a tower.
This place makes me feel powerless.
I feel like anything that happens inside can be very powerful.
Top of the reactor
The two young people will be on the dome.
I don’t know how we’re going to get up there.
I suggested we could film with the reactor in the background, but she wants them up there.

Taimi looking at the reactor (close-up)

Every day someone makes a movie denouncing something,
and that doesn’t change the world. Aleksandr and Taimi won’t go up. It’s not worth the risk.

SEPSA (the reactor’s custodian)

Two men see us inside the facilities and ask us to leave.
They ask if we are foreigners.
There’s a lot of paranoia about this place.
I’m afraid they’ll take my phone away.

Taimi bathing

Little bugs
Yunet insists on going back to the Plant.
But we have to wait a few days.
Everything around here will likely change.
The lands and waters may be affected in the future.
Then the peasants living nearby will have to leave.
I wonder if anyone has considered them in all this.
Flower and city in the background.


People leaving the city
I don’t understand Yunet’s fascination with the Soviet era.
By the time I was born, all that had already passed.
18 empty floors
There were two matryoshkas, a refrigerator, and a book signed by V. I. Lenin at my house, but they were thrown away when the bookshelf took up too much space.

Nuclear City was built for the workers who would operate the power plant.

With the project’s suspension, construction was halted as well.

Boat shot

Some people who were connected to the project still live here.
Most people work in the city of Cienfuegos.
Life in this place is like in any town in Cuba.
It’s easy to be fascinated by everything and then leave.
Los Dibu dancing

Wide shot of Nuclear City

June 10, 2018.
A girl and a boy are at the top of a reactor.
Boy: Yes, of course, I understand. I don’t always talk either. It’s just that now I feel like talking. I have the feeling that something is going on. Why don’t you tell me what’s happening?
Girl: What’s happening? We’re here, on the edge of the precipice. There’s the precipice. There’s the interior. There are human beings living there, ordinary people who have their own lives. There’s the center. There’s the edge, then nothing comes for a long time, and then the sea comes. Inside, there are hungry fish. That’s what’s happening.


*Taken from the script of one of the versions of Yunet’s movie.