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My name is Yunet, and I have been thinking about this text for some time. Today, June 10th, I finally started writing it. I have two reasons for this:

The first one is that today is my birthday.

The second is that it has been fifteen years since I changed my name.

The core of this piece is likely to be a city. A place where I have visited several times in the last few years and with which I have a special relationship…

Perhaps because I lived special moments with someone, or because the people there resemble all the people I know. Or maybe because, in the end, it’s not only about a city but also about the rupture of a dream, a relationship, or a country.

And also about waste.

Things we remove from our lives to make ourselves feel better. People we stop seeing, calling, and texting. All counting down.

It has taken me a long time to work on this piece. Today, I finally sat down to write it. As an exercise of reconciliation, of trying to share something too personal to be taken seriously. Or maybe it is a constructed experience, which is also difficult to take seriously.

Maybe it’s a bit of both…

Why do decommissioned Nuclear Power Plants attract people like amusement parks? There is little experience worldwide regarding the demolition of nuclear power plants, while there is more experience with the abandonment of cities where people have found it impossible to settle. (Date: 16/5/2917)

What kind of city would you like to build? Why are there no recreational spaces in this particular place? (Date: 1/6/2017)

Everyone I know is going through something terrible. Each person is experiencing some form of pain. This city is unlike any other. (Date: 7/13/2017)

I’m envisioning roller coasters at symbolic locations in every city. I believe it would reduce stress and make daily activities more enjoyable. (Date: 28/7/2017)

I thought about the questionnaire again today. It has been effective for me in the past. I could start with a simple question, for example: Have you ever thought about changing your name? Have you ever considered leaving this city? (Date: 3/4/2017)

Fragments from Notes on the iPhone.
La bahía, Ediciones Sinsentido 2018.