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On September 25, 2019, at 8:30 pm, ‘The girl who looked at the other side’ premiered at Heberto Gonzalez’s house.

Taimi Blanco and Aleksandr Naranjo attended, along with many inhabitants of Nuclear City. Yunet was happy.

She expressed special thanks to Ricardo Sarmiento, Martha Luisa Hernandez Cadenas, the frost, the Tinder girl who had shown her the city and the sea…

She thanked all those who had been present in the project in one way or another. She also thanked Daniela Bright.

The event included the presentation of plans for an amusement park to be built in the ruins of Juraguá in the near future. Being together again made it possible to change the course of things.

Yunet sang «Amorfoda» with Souvenir, just as she had done before.

At the end of the play, she wanted red balloons to be released, flying to the edge of the island, to the other side of the Atlantic, to the city where the sea was also present… as a symbol that her life and everything around her kept moving without knowing when to stop.


Text and audiovisual production: Daniela Bright

(Bogota April 16, 2019)